We are at the beginning of the 80s in Marseille.

United by their passion for mogul skiing, Edouard and Gilles Terzibachian, then in their twenties, decided to launch their own clothing brand inspired by this discipline, straight from Sun Valley, in the United States...


At the beginning, the two brothers made the first models themselves. Ski suits intended for the practice of their passion. Combining technicality and style, they are designed in accordance with their values : passion for the mountains and new sports, desire for freedom and harmony with the environment.

The brand was very well received and quickly established itself in the market, notably through sporting event partnerships, which would strengthen Sun Valley’s reputation.

With its ski suits easily recognizable by their bright colors, the company quickly became a major player on the French market.

Surfwear style

At the start of 1986, Sun Valley continued its ascent and expanded its range of products, by developing a whole new universe : Surfwear.

Accompanied by the brand's first official logo, this new range was very well received. Evolving on the trend of "fun" and driven by strong values such as travel, freedom or even meeting, the brand is positioned as one of the main players on the French market.

Over the seasons, the brand's development will be marked by numerous partnerships, such as the world-famous Biarritz Surf Festival. The brand will also become an official sponsor of the French Beach Volleyball Team.

Back to origins

In the mid-1990s, when everything was working out for the brand, the two brothers, attached to their original passion, wanted to take the road back to the world of skiing. Perfect timing as only a few months later, ski fashion is about to make its comeback.

Carried along by the arrival of parabolic skis, the ski world is once again at the top of the trend. The new collection of ski clothing, equipped with new technological innovations, such as the membrane, Gore-Tex®, revolutionizes the market and opens new horizons for Sun Valley.

Authentic style

The company is redesigning its commercial offer, and at the same time a new logo which will accompany the launch of its new “Skiwear” and “casual” collections for the Fall / Winter seasons and a collection, now “Beachwear”, for the Spring / Summer seasons.

This period will mark the start of a new era for the brand. Always based on its core values, such as travel, discovery and nature, Sun Valley is on the road to success.

The brand's performance is reflected in its ability to design and impose an authentic, innovative and recognizable style. This is the origin of the overall concept of clothing, which the brand is still developing today.

Sun Valley Team

In the course of the 2000s, thanks to its experience in the field, the brand decided to develop, always in accordance with its values, a collection specializing in "Free Ride". A daring concept, which consists in practicing a sport outside any formal framework, associated with the pleasure of large, unspoiled natural spaces, with risk-taking and the absence of competition.

It was during this period that the “Team Sun Valley” was created, made up of more than 17 members, notably with Seb Michaud, David Allemoz, or even Julien Ruffier, pioneers of the discipline, who made the brand's colors shine on the slopes around the world.

Riding People©

In 2004, Sun Valley continues its ascent and becomes the official partner of the French Mogul Ski Team, carrying the brand at the top of the discipline.

In harmony with the brand and its desire to think outside the box and to be wherever the desire pushes it, the “Team Sun Valley” goes around the world to discover some exceptional destinations.

From Canada to Kamchatka, via Alaska, Japan, India and Iran, these "Ski Trips", illustrating the collections and the values of the brand. The slogan “Riding People©” as well as the Sun Valley logo, then well defined, became signs of recognition.

Created for freedom©

For nearly 10 years, the Sun Valley Team will set off on a world tour in search of exploration and new experiences. In 2010, the brand confirmed its attachment to discovery and travel and the slogan "Created for Freedom ©" was then backed by the Sun Valley logo.

"Make slope your playground. Explore the world. Remain unique. Be free..."

Ski trip

In 2010, the "Sun Valley Team" left for several days to discover the Moroccan landscapes. A trip filled with encounters and experiences, each more unforgettable than the next.

In 2013, the "Sun Valley Team" set off to conquer the mountains of Kamchatka. True paradise for freeride skiers, this exceptional place offers athletes a most incredible playground.

Iran and its many mountain ranges were a destination of choice for 2014. This trip was the opportunity to push the limits and discover new horizons. Features that make sense with the brand's philosophy.

40 years of history

After almost 40 years of activity, the spirit of Edouard and Gilles Terzibachian is still that of competition. It allows them to be innovative, to regularly gain market share and is also a vector of involvement in the sponsorship of sporting events.

The brand has established itself in a few years as a benchmark in its sector. Today, Sun Valley allows women and men to dress every day and every season in clothes designed according to the same fundamentals as since its creation in 1983.

Sun Valley is one of the most important “Premium” brands in the sector. 100% French and 100% independent, the company traces its guideline by developing a double dynamic : quality products associated with a strong identity (Ski, Free Ride, Travel). One of its strengths lies in particular in the perfect balance of its collections.

Inscribed in the world of skiing, the technical and casual collections are always designed to optimize each person's performance with a style at the heart of new trends, making the brand unique.