Down jacket care guide


You can wash your down jacket with your machine using normal detergent without fabric softeners.

We advise you to choose a cold synthetic program. In order for it to keep its loft during washing, we recommend that you wash it with other clothes or put two clean tennis balls in it, this allows the Primaloft to ventilate during washing.


We recommend that you spin 2 but gently because spinning too hard will create balls that are difficult to undo.

When you take your jacket out of the washing machine, it will be flat because the passage of water will have flattened it. It is during the drying stage that your down jacket will regain its loft.


We recommend tumble drying with a synthetic program. Do 2 or 3 drying cycles until the filling is completely dry.

It is advisable to dry your down jacket with a sufficient amount of linen or to use tennis balls to help with the mixing. Do not hesitate to pat your down jacket between the drying cycles to distribute the filling between the rolls.


If you don't have a tumble dryer, dry your down jacket on a flat drying rack. Pat and turn the jacket regularly several times a day to avoid small packages in the sausages. However, it may take several days before regaining a generous loft. Check that the jacket is in the open air on both sides. CAUTION: Never dry the jacket on a radiator.

Whatever the drying process, the filling must be dried completely otherwise the fibers will stick together and create small bundles which will then be difficult to undo. In addition, dry cleaning is strongly discouraged, because the products used during dry cleaning cover the filling, reducing its swelling, its heat and its water-repellent properties.