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Change of direction

Pioneer in the offer of ultra-light down jackets, we have long developed our models using natural down. This noble material, known for its rare qualities, has today become a "basic" responding to a purely industrial logic, with all the excesses that this implies. Sensitized by this issue of the excessive use of natural and animal materials in our products, we took a radical decision.

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Total and definitive end to the use of feathers and fur in our jackets ! This is how we decided to create a range of "cruelty-free" jackets and down jackets. We felt that it was important for the brand to refocus on strong values. And if the eco-responsible motivation was central in this decision-making, it is also accompanied by a reflection on the superior technical properties offered by a high-end synthetic insulation.

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The use of the most innovative materials in our various ranges, allows us to offer products that are still as efficient in terms of lightness, comfort, warmth and touch, while adopting a more responsible behavior.

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